On Politics: Rhetoric, Discourse and Concepts, (edited by Márton Szabó) an on-line working paper was published by Institute of Political Sciences of Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2006 (9) The essays in e-book are written by member of CEPODS: Zoltán Gábor SZŰCS, Gábor PÁL, Zsófia LÓRÁND, Dávid KAPOSI, János Vencel TÉGLÁS, Attila GYULAI. http://www.mtapti.hu/pdf/mtszabo.pdf

Distinktion, a Danish journal of Social Theory (No. 12. 2006, Special Issue on Conceptions of Politics.) published an article written by Márton Szabó: Politics versus the Political. Interpreting 'das Politische' in Carl Schmitt. For more information see http://www.distinktion.dk/