Politikai Diskurzuselméleti Kutatócsoport


Personal data

Name: Zsolt Boda
Date of birth: 7 Januar 1969.
Place of birth: Budapest
Citizenship: Hungarian
E-mail: boda@mtapti.hu


  • academic senior fellow, Institute of Political Sciences of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1014 Bp. Országház str. 30)
  • part-time associate professor, Budapest Corvinus University (1093 Bp. Fővám place 8.)


  • MA in economy, Budapest University of Economy, 1993;
  • PhD in political science,
    Budapest University of Economy and Public Administration, 2000

Language skills

  • English: fluent
  • French: fluent
  • Spanish: fluent


  • 1994-1996 - assistant lecturer, University of Miskolci, Department of Political Science, subject: "Political semantics" (in Hungarian)
  • 1995 - researcher, academic senior fellow, Institute of Political Sciences of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 1996 - external associate, later part-time associate professor, Budapest Corvinus University, Centre of Economic Ethics
  • 1995 - expert with environmental NGOs (KÖVET-INEM, Levegő Munkacsoport, Energia Klub, Védegylet)

Teaching activity

  • 1996- Budapesti Corvinus University, subjects: "Law and ethics of international economic relations" (in Hungarian)
  • 2002- "Ethics in Economics and Business" (in English), CEMS course  
  • 2004-: "Business ethics" (in Hungarian)
  • September 2001: 'Globalisation and International Ethics' module at Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) Business Ethics Blocked Seminar, Nice, France.
  • September 2002: 'Global governance and environmental regimes' module at CEMS Business Ethics Blocked Seminar, University of Bergen, Norway
  • January 2003: "Sustainable Development", course at Ecole Supérieur du Commerce et du Management (ESCEM), Poitiers, Francce
  • September 2003: 'Globalisation and International Ethics' module at CEMS Business Ethics Blocked Seminar, University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • September 2004: 'The Governance of the Global Commons" module at CEMS Business Ethics Blocked Seminar, Budapest Corvinus University

Research specialization

  • Environmental economy, international environmental policy
  • Political theory, political communication, public policy
  • Economic ethics - international ethics

Research support & Research cooperation

  • 2004-2005 Financial support of National Cultural Fund Project: "Global economy - global society. The ethics of international economy "
  • 2004-2006 OTKA. [Hungarian Scientific Research Fund] Project: "Global environmental regimes and Hungarian public policy"
  • 2001-2004 OTKA [Hungarian Scientific Research Fund] Project: "Political communication on the internet ", head of the research team: Balázs Kiss.
  • 2001-2003 Bolyai Scholarship Project: "Global ecopolicy. The problem of international environmental goods and collective act"
  • 2001 Mellon Foundation Fellowship in Paris
  • 2000 PHARE program, Project: "Implementation of Environmental Principles: Comparative Survey between the European Union and Hungary". Leader of the research: László Zsolnai.
  • 2000 General Electric Tungsram scholarship of Hungarian Academy of Sciences  
  • 1998-2000 OTKA [Hungarian Scientific Research Fund], Project: "Discourse approach to politics ", head of the research team: Márton Szabó.
  • 1998-1999 Civic Education Project Eastern Scholar Fellowship
  • 1997 BKE International Relations Doctoral Programme Project: "Trade, development, environment. Chapters of international political economy of environmental protection", doctoral research, supervisor: Károly Kiss.
  • 1997 doctoral fellowship of Soros Foundation
  • 1997 Firm Economy Department at Budapest University of Economy, Project: "In compatition wth the world. Societal concerns of competitiveness". Head of the research team: László Zsolnai. Co-leader of subproject "Environmental protection and competitiveness" together with György Pataki.
  • 1996-1997 scholarship of the French government at University of Versailles
  • 1995 Samantha Smith Foundation scholarship at University of Minnesota

Membership in professional organizations & Activity in professional public life

  • Member of Hungarian Association of Political Science
  • Member of Environmental Management Subcommittee of Management and Organization Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of European Group for Organizational Studies




  • "Respecting the Commons" Laszlo Zsolnai - Knut J. Ims ed.: Ecology, Ethics and the Limits of Business (E. Elgar, to be published)
  • "Global Environmental Commons and the Need for Ethics", Society and Economy, Fall 2003, 213-224. p.
  • coa-uthors Balázs Kiss and Kata Berta: "Campaign on the Net. Parties, Papers and Palavers in the 2002 Hungarian Elections", Central European Political Science Review, 4(12), Summer 2003, 142-165.p.
  • "Globalization and International Ethics", Laszlo Zsolnai ed.: Ethics in the Economy. Handbook of Business Ethics. Oxford, Peter Lang, 2002, 233-258.p.
  • "Interpretive Business Ethics", Business Ethics: A European Review, vol. 11. no. 3, July 2002, pp. 302--06
  • "Interpreting Political Culture", Susan C. Pearce and Eugenia Sojka ed.: Mosaics of Change: The First Decade of Change in the New Eastern Europe (University of Gdansk, Gdansk, 2000), 275-285.p.

Working Papers

  • Conflicting Principles of Fair Trade, Business Ethics Papers, No. 3, Business Ethics Center, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, January 2000
  • Co-authors György Pataki, László Radácsi and Chris Hope: Environmental Strategies and Performance among Hungarian Industrial Firms: Preliminary Research and Empirical Analysis.
  • Working Paper of the Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge, WP 34/98, 1998